Amatitlania sp.?

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    • Amatitlania sp.?

      Greetings all,
      Very excellent forum here. Facebook is good, yet forums such as this one have real lasting value and I am happy to see this one still active and with many good posts and information.

      I recently received a pair of convict cichlids of unknown province. I took them because they appear to have very good form and markings. After much research I can see some similarities to other Amatitlania sp. of wild or early generation forms. They did not arrive with any location or breeder info. So I must go strictly on appearance. Some have suggested they could be an HRP x nigrofasciata hybrid, and of course this is possible. But my eye suggests that may not be the case. Some have suggested possibly A. kanna, but I am not sure of that either. What do the fans of Amatitlania nigrofasciata, siquia, kanna, etc. see in this pair. They are approximately 8cm total length, have spawned twice and are very amicable toward each other. Whatever they may be, I enjoy them very much. (The images are labeled with "siquia" or such only as photo reference and not as a definite determination.)

      Thank you,
      • A siqu Male Portrait NT1txtcp.jpg

        751,02 kB, 962×706, 2 mal angesehen
      • A. siqu Female NT Port 2.jpg

        897,64 kB, 970×726, 2 mal angesehen
      • A. siquia Golden Male.jpg

        688,35 kB, 900×583, 1 mal angesehen
      • A. siquia Male Display NT2.jpg

        967,62 kB, 1.000×752, 1 mal angesehen
      • A. siquia Pair Display NT 3.jpg

        859,73 kB, 900×768, 1 mal angesehen
      • A. siquia male Display NT 5.jpg

        854,87 kB, 850×696, 2 mal angesehen
    • Hi David,

      really nice convicts :thumbsup:
      For me this is siquia or nigrofasciata. My kanna ( F2 Rio Guarumo ) are more high-backed. The females don't have these red belly, also not in breeding colour.

      Cheers Tobi
    • Hi Tobi,

      Thanks so much for your reply :thumbup: I am happy to hear of your opinion that these are either siquia or nigrofasciata.
      Very good that you have the F2 kanna. Kanna is available in the US and I hope to keep them some day. The Amatitlanias are a great species!

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