Angepinnt The Central Scene (Complete, Issues 1-8) - Lee Nuttall

    • The Central Scene (Complete, Issues 1-8) - Lee Nuttall

      Hallo zusammen,

      Lee Nuttall war so nett und hat die Ausgaben seines Magazines zusammengefasst und online zum Lesen zur Verfügung gestellt.
      Einfach den Link unten im Zitat anklicken (Flash Player benötigt).

      Lee Nuttall schrieb:

      Some of you may remember a few years ago I used to publish a 40 page magazine dedicated to Central American cichlids. I have decided to put all 8 issues together in digital format for anyone to read.

      Please remember that the magazines were written a while ago now and nomenclature has changed a lot. Many cichlids featured are described under different genera.

      It may be an idea to have the thread as a sticky so it doesn't get lost.

      Please click on the link to read.…plete/0309999001507131222
      Viele Grüße