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  • These are S.leucosticta "British Guyana" I used to have in the past. Sorry about the not so good quality of the pics,but I am not very good with a camera...

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    amazonia - - Futter und Nährtiere


    Hallo Hannes, I think that would be ok to give a try. After all,a lot of South American cichlid species eat seeds in their natural habitats also... Kind regards, Patrick.

  • Hi Sven, I do not know if the right name is H.severus at the moment,they are definitely the "mouthbreeding" Heros sp. I have the same and bought mine under the name H.severus "Rio Negro". Kind regards, Patrick.

  • Roland, I am mainly busy with SA cichlids(Geophagus,Satanoperca,Heros,Mesonauta etc...) but this is very good info! Kind regards, Patrick.

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    amazonia - - Südamerikanische Cichliden


    Hello everybody, I am mainly busy with Geophagus,Satanoperca etc... But this are beautiful and stunning fish! My congratulations... Kind regards, Patrick

  • Roland, Very interesting story,but unfortunately also very tragic... The disasters humans create... The most destructive animal of all; Homo sapiens. Or should we say "Homo hooliganus"? Kind regards, Patrick

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    amazonia - - Allgemein


    Zitat von Snowgnome: „ Liebe User, mal ein allgemeines Statement meinerseits an alle, die sich vielleicht angesprochen fühlen könnten: Bitte reißt euch doch einfach alle mal etwas zusammen. Die Aktivitäten in den Foren sind nun ohnehin seit Jahren rückläufig, das betrifft auch dieses Forum. Und es kann doch nicht sein, dass man jetzt durch sinnlose Sticheleien und Agressivitäten auch das letzte bissel Leben hier kaputt macht. Hello Marco, Exactly how I feel about it. I couldn't have said it bett…

  • Hello, I can only tell you one thing; one of my best friends(also has lots of aquariums,terrariums,etc...) used to work for Degussa. During that time,he talked with lots of people down there who worked at the laboratorium(I think chemists is the word). They told him that Degussa stopped making vitamins(or the basis for them) because they know that vitamins that are artificially produced(so "chemically" produced) are of no use to any living creature. I do not know if this is true,but it gives you…

  • Hi,I wish you lots of succes with your new aureus! For me, one of the most beautiful Thorichtys ever... I kept maculipinnis and meeki in the past. At the moment it's only South America now,not enough space to have more. You know how it is... Kind regards, Patrick.

  • Hello Helmut, This could very well be possible. Maybe tetra's are seen as a natural prey and guppy's not. Ofcourse, only the fish know that... Kind regards, Patrick.

  • Hello, My experiences with my pair of M.egregius(male about 15cm-female about 12cm) are completely different. They are in a tank with 4 adult S.daemon and lots of Endler guppy's. And there are lots of young Endler's in the tank. I am not going to say that they never ate(or tried to catch) a guppy,but the fact is that till today I never saw them "do" it... Also the daemon show no interest in the guppy's at all. Kind regards, Patrick.

  • Hello, yes,that was a very GOOD bargain.... KIndest regards, Patrick

  • Hi Heiko, No,S.mapiritensis(I kept them a good 10 years ago) have a more bronze coloured body,no shining spots on it,and the spots on the gills are much,much smaller and there are much more of them(spots). These are definitely no mapiritensis... Actually,look at the avatar of "Teufelsangel"; that is S.mapiritensis. Kind regards, Patrick

  • Hallo Heiko, I also think your fish are some kind of geographical variety of leucosticta. Nice fish by the way Shame you did not get a few more of them... Kind regards, Patrick.

  • Hi David, Regarding if you should go for the G.mirabilis; that is a good price the man gave you for them,and they are certainly worth it; this Geophagus is a stunning,beautiful jewel,and the more they grow,the more colourful they get. But be prepared for a very active fish; they are busy with each other all the time,but(luckily) do not really damage one another. My Heros severus "Rio Negro" pair are calm,but also much too "slow" for them. The mirabilis are very fast swimmers,when they need to be…

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    amazonia - - Aquarienfotografie


    Hi Andreas, Very nice looking sveni and wonderful photo's too! Regards, Patrick.

  • Hello David, I keep 6 G.mirabilis(3/3,ranging from 9-12 cm) together with a pair of Heros severus "Rio Negro"(18/22cm) in a 150(long)x60(wide)x50(high) tank. Till now,this works quite well. I can not believe the mirabilis will get to 25-30 cm. More something like between 15-20 cm finally,comparable with G. "red head" I think. They are very active though... Kind regards, Patrick.

  • Hi Chris, I would be inclined to say nanoluteus. With altoflavus I have no experience at all. But regarding your question,surely the MA specialists here can tell you more on this. Kind regards, Patrick.

  • Hi Pete, Also very nice,G.abalios,but these get too big for the space I have available... Concerning my mirabilis,they did not breed till now,although there are definitely a couple of pairs among them,and they court each other. But they also have the company of an adult Heros severus "Rio negro" pair in the tank,and although this is a very calm pair, it could be that this prohibits the Geo's from breeding. Best regards, Patrick

  • Hi Peter, very interesting link! Hi Magnus, G.argyrostictus I also kept and bred(the "Altamira" variety, the "Sao Felix" are more colourful). As I said,compared to some other Geophagus, these are very active and lively fish and sometimes rough("ruppig") under one another. Same goes for the G.mirabilis I keep now. Just make sure you keep them in a group(at least 5 or 6,maybe better more if you have the space) and you will see lots of action,but generally they will not really damage each other,and…